Facilites and Services at Seattle Tacoma Airport - SeaTac Airport

SeaTac Airport provides different services and facilities to all passengers that request it or need it.

See some of the available services below:


- Shops, Food and Beverages: Located throught the airport terminals.


- ATMs and Foreign Currency Exchange: Located throught the airport terminals.


- Lost & Found: For personal belogings lost within Seatac Airport facilities, please contact the Airport Lost & Found Office: +1 (206) 787-5312.


- Baggage Storage: If you wish to storage your baggage for a time, the Baggage Storage is ready to attend you. Find it in the Baggage Claim are of the Main Terminal.


- Nursing Mother's Room: Find at SEA Airport seven nursing rooms throughout its facilities.


- Wheelchair services: SEA Airport provides wheelchair service by calling +1 (206) 246-1550 prior your arrival.


- Pet Relief Areas: SEA Airport is equipped with four Pet Relief Areas, which two of them are located outside the main terminal.


- Art Walk: There are permanent and rotating exhibitions at the airport that are located along half a mile. Passengers must take the Sea-Tac airport Art Walk and can visit the art pieces by themselves. To get more information, there are various QR codes.


- Interpreters: There are various phones that are attended by various interpreters who can translate the information, in total, in more than 150 languages.


- Mailboxes, postage, shipping: There is the service “Send it home” for passengers that has packed an item that it is not allowed at the airport and want to returning it back home. There are various U.S. mailbox locations along the airport.


- Music: Various musicians play music along the airport to make more enjoyable their stay at the Seattle airport.


- Smoking: Only available in two outdoor places: North end and South end of the Lower Drive.


- USO: Available for U.S. military men and women and their relatives. Location: Mezzanine Level, Main Terminal Building. It is opened 24h daily and is provided with various services as: showers, children’s play area, books and magazines, snacks for free, TV, Internet, among others.


- WiFi: Wi-Fi for free in all the public areas.


- Vehicle charging: There are more than 45 electrical vehicle charging stations throughout the airport’s parking garage.


- Airport Lounges: There are two airport’s lounges named as “Club at Sea”. One is located in Concourse A and the second one is located in the South Satellite. Purchase your access ticket here.


- Last minute travel supplies: To all passengers that need a last minute service they can rent an item as: wheelchairs, strollers, car seat. Or buy pet kennels, have available the copying service or a notary service, among others.


- Conference Center: The ideal area to welcome a special event. Phone: 206.787.6602. E-mail: info@portseattle.org​. Opening hours: from Monday to Friday from 7.30 am to 5:00 pm.


- Paging: Passengers need to get in contact with their airline.


- Police Department: Call 911 for an emergency. For a non-emergency, call (206) 787 3490. Location at the airport: 3th floor (Main Terminal). Sub-station: Baggage Level, across carousel 12.


- Volunteers: Volunteers at Seattle airport provides information and help to all passengers that request it. They are dressed with blue colors and have iPads to give an efficient answer to the travellers.


- Children’s play area: Travelling with kids? Don't worry, Seattle Airport has Playroom areas for children open for free 24/7. Location: Between the Central Terminal and A gates.